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Introducing The World's First Web3 Winery, Membership Club, Driven By Community

The steady increase in popularity surrounding Web3, NFT and blockchain continues to attract spirits and wine brands as they release limited products in the digital space, but Evinco Winery DAO is on a mission to do more than produce a one-time purchase of limited edition NFTs. As the world&aspo;s first Web3 winery, Evinco is a membership club of minters and holders investing in their wines virtually and physically.

Is This Web3 Winery The Future Of Wine In The Metaverse?

The world of wine and spirits has so far proven attractive to the architects of web3, blockchain and NFTs. I have previously covered a number of projects in the space involving drinks makers partnering with technologists to create innovative use cases for decentralization.
SF Eater

Of Course There's an NFT Winery in Napa Valley

San Francisco's first NFT restaurant Sho Club broke ground (at least, ceremonially) last week with a maelstrom of sashimi and cocktails atop Salesforce Park. But in case you were wondering, it's not the only example of food and beverage comingling with Web3 here in the Bay Area. NFT enthusiasts can also take heart in knowing there's an NFT winery planted in the Napa Valley town of Calistoga. Per Forbes, Evinco Winery DAO launched earlier this summer, releasing “5,555 utility-backed NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain through OpenSea.” In a press release, the business describes itself as a “democratized Soho House for wine where members have that ability to propose and vote on member assets and events.”


Each NFT enthusiast who mints will receive a two bottle allocation from our library for free and exclusive access to our multiple Napa Valley properties.

IRL Events

Exclusive access to members-only tastings events across the globe, private events at our properties in Napa Valley and vintage wine dinners.


Access to a private discord, with an emphasis on sharing wine experiences and expressing wine knowledge and the opportunity to create wine labels featuring our communities NFT artwork.


DAO will be 100% governed by the community. Community input for future releases.


Wine allocation when NFT is minted, discounted price on wine library, discounts on hotels, concierge services and full access to VIP experiences at our properties in Napa Valley.

Digital Offerings

Online educational wine insight, virtual tastings and access to our podcast with the biggest names in the wine industry.

International Privileges

While we are based in the Napa Valley, CA, all Evinco NFT holders will have VIP access to exclusive experiences in the following regions: Argentina, Bordeaux and Burgundy, France.


    • Rutherford Cellar is built
    • Secure Wine Inventory
    • Collab with Wizard of Soho for 1st Proof of Concept Wine Release
    • 1st Evinco Wine Release, 2014 Bone X Blade
    • Tasting Room in Calistoga is Built
    • Formation of Evinco Winery DAO
    • Announce DAO Creation
    • Built Website
    • Create a Discord Server
    • Create a Twitter
    • Build Community
    • Educate DAO On Our Vision of Building The Greatest Food And Wine Brand
    • Inital Mint
    • Host Tastings
    • Store Portal Unlocks
    • Release Benefits Catalog
    • Website Redesign
    • Hire Sommelier for Discord
    • Virtual Tasting & Online Education Unlocks
    • Host Tastings at Tasting Room
    • Ship All 2-Bottle Founders Allocation
    • Custom NFT Wine Label Release
    • Art Basel Event
    • Host 1st Event at Rutherford Estate
    • Yearly Benefits Refresh
    • [ Redacted ]
    • Champagne Release Unlocks & Shipping Begins
    • Establish Domestic Partnerships
    • Ship Custom NFT Wine Label Release
    • Distribute into 3-Tier System
    • Establish International Partnerships
    • Host Spring Event in a Location Chosen by DAO
    • Spring Wine Release
    • Host Asia Tasting Event
    • Search for Estate/Vinyard
    • PFP Mint
    • Fall Wine Release
    • [ Redacted ]
    • Holiday Event at Rutherford Estate
    • Secure Estate/Vineyard
    • Evinco Wine Bar - NYC
    • [ Redacted ]
Get access to

Finest of the Fine

Winery Interior

Tasting Room

Our Tasting room location is in the historic most northern Napa Valley town of Calistoga. Our building welcomes you in, where every winemaking artifact gathered over generations surrounds you in a comfortable intriguing design, where Evinco Winery DAO members will have full VIP access!
Winery Interior

Cellar & Members Lounge

Extraordinary, exclusive access to our library cellar and lounge for all Evinco Winery DAO Gold Tier members. Located at the private estate of our historic ivy-covered cellar; the half mile private tree lined driveway is one of the most exclusive entryways in all of Napa Valley!


Mario Sculatti

Co-Founder & Head Winemaker

Mario grew up in the Napa Valley and is the fourth generation of Scualtti's to live in St. Helena since the family came here from Italy over 100 years ago in 1901. Mario first began his career in the wine world by brokering rare & collectible wines to customers around the globe. Then after working in the commercial wine auction business for five years, in dynamic markets such as Asia, he decided to make wine of his own back home. All of his current winemaking knowledge and protocols were passed to him by his mentor, the late Denis Malbec, who was the former Cellar Master of Chateau Latour in Bordeaux, France. To this day, Mario carries on Mr. Malbec's exact wine-making techniques during each successive Napa Valley vintage. Mario is the winemaker of several Napa Valley brands, and is the co-founding owner of Evinco Winery DAO.

Wizard of Soho


Wizard Of SoHo has been building and supporting the NFT and web 3 space for the last 5 years. He has been an avid investor in several NFT and Web 3 companies and protocols. In addition to being an avid collector and proponent of digital art and NFT projects he also has built out a successful web 3.0 community known as Illiquid Capital that is powered by the Alfa Pass NFT that is providing liquidity to the entire NFT space.. He has also built out and advised several large NFT projects in the space. Before joining web 3.0 he spent last 15 years as a trader and portfolio manager on wall street and several funds in fixed income running multiple desks and building out everything from multi billion dollars financing desks to succesfull inflation trading departments. Prior to wall street the wizard got his degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Financial Engineering. He was also doing his PhD in Materials Science before leaving for Wall street having published several papers on Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis, Options Pricing and few Corporate Finance publications.

Trevor Mallett

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

A California native and a former Division 1 baseball player at the University of Missouri with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and Real Estate, Trevor has been intrigued by the complexity of the wine industry and decided to continue his education by earning his Master's Degree from Sonoma State University in Wine Business. Since obtaining his Master's Degree, Trevor has partnered with the winemaker, Mario Sculatti, to spearhead multiple projects within the wine industry, including his own wine brand, Mallett, and opening a collective tasting room in Calistoga, Vault Wine + Artifacts.

Keyboard Monkey

Chief Strategic Advisor

KBM has been a professional trader for 15 years and is now heavily involved in the equity, crypto, and nft markets. He's known for having a straight forward opinion on Twitter that some find abrasive and aggressive, but rarely wrong. He started enjoying wine on a deeper level over the past few years and now consider collecting and drinking rare bottles one of his favorite hobbies. His favorite wine is a full bodied, bold, rich, intense red.. usually from France, but he's warming up to California, with Evinco being his shepherd into the region.

Napa Valley, California, USA

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